Christopher Stephenson brings a dry sarcastic, angry style to the stage that makes you laugh on the outside while crying from the inside at the same time. His stand up has been recognized by many local publications such as Salt Lake City Weekly, Slug, Q, and IN Magazine. Christopher has had the honor of opening for comedians such as Doug Stanhope, Sean Rouse, Derek Sheen, Dave Ross, Barbara Gray, and Andy Andrist. In 2015 he was featured on SLUG Magazines Localized comedy showcase.

Christopher is also co-creator/ writer of, Sketchophrenia. With the help of Troy Taylor and Andrew Jensen (ToySoup) they have created hilarious live and digital sketch since 2009. In 2016 he was cast in the indie You Tube series, You Again.

"Christopher is hitting the Salt Lake comedy scene hard with a raw, realistic humor." -Salt Lake City Weekly. 
 "Stephenson embodies a clever, dry humor. He's undoubtedly cynical." -Amanda Jones, IN Magazine.
"Stephenson craftily defeated our resident hecklers and he left the stage victorious." -SLUG Magazine